Caesar salad                                                                                                                        1200.-
Caesar salad with slice of pullet                                                                                            1400.-
Light summer salad with joghurt dressing and grissini                                                             1400.-
Grilled goat cheese with salad with orange and cranberry sauce                                            1600.-
Duck liver with vegetables roasted in duck’s grease and toast                                                  1800.-   


Garlic creamsoup with scone topped with cheese and sour cream                                          690.-
Meat soup                                                                                                                          750.-
Seasonal fruit soup                                                                                                              790.-
Hungarian Goulash soup                                                                                                     890.-

Main Courses

Chicken steak with hot peach chutney and jasmine rice                                                        1500.-
Mediterranean chicken breast fillet in bacon coat, with courgette noodle                                  1700.-
Veal lasagne                                                                                                                       1800.-
Veal stew with noodles                                                                                                          1900.-
Wiener Schnitzel from pork, with chives potato                                                                        2200.-
Roasted duckleg served with cabbage strudel and with dish gravy spiced with rosemary                                                                                                                             2300.-
Slices of duck liver with milk-loaf soufflé with Tokay style sauce                                                3600.-
Slice of lion with soft ewe’s cheese polenta                                                                              4200.-
Púder homemade noodle in hot tomato sauce                                                                          1500.-
Penne with cream and summer vegetables and parmesan cheese chipping                              1500.- 
Lactose and Gluten free dishes

Toasted pullet strips with courgette and pasta                                                                         1600.-
Salmon steak served with grilled vegetables, topped with sweet lime and chilli sauce                 2700.-
Vael slice with Hungarian style potatoes                                                                                  3900.

Recommended by WWF

Seasonal pea soup meat balls                                                                                                  690.-
Pullet supreme served with savoy cabbage slice in cream and chateau potato                           1600.-
Peppery strawberry aspic with white chocolate mousse                                                            990.-

If you buy the WWF menu, you support saving the local environmental values. When creating the menu we prefer using products produced in a sustainable and green way, aspiring low water footprint, and environmental friendly use.

Let’s Just Grab Something

Fried steak potato with chives cream                                                                                         490.-
Garlic seasoned potato roundels with onion and cream                                                               490.-
Bruschetta with tomato and basil                                                                                                 790.-
Fried chicken wings (Normal, BBQ, Spicy) with celery, carrot, blue cheese dressing   
                                                                                                                          small            890.-
                                                                                                                          large           1690.-
Ewe cheese noodles with pork cracklings, cream and bacon chips                                              1100.-
Hake fried in breadcrumbs with French fries and cucumbers pickled with bread                           1700.-

Hot Sandwiches, Cold Creams

With courgette and cheese                                                                                                         750.-
With meat cream                                                                                                                        750.-
With Prague ham                                                                                                                         790.-
Aubergine cream, sheep cheese mixed with butter, cheese cream trio with chives garden greens, toast pita bread slices                                                                                                                                      890.-
Tuna cream with olive, greens and pita bread                                                                               890.-


Home-made doughnut with elderberry jam                                                                                      550.-
Curd cheese dumplings with smashed strawberry                                                                          750.-
Chocolate Volcano with hot raspberry sauce                                                                                  950.-

Prices include VAT and are listed in Forint. In case of payment with Euro please ask for the exchange rate at the waiters.
We are only able to give change in Forint. In case of half portion orders we charge 70% of the price.
Category II.
Manager: László Turi
Chef: Tamás Vajna
Telephone: 061-210-71-68