Mimosa salad                                                                                                         1200 ,-
Duck breast salad with soy-lime dressing                                                             1400 ,-
Cold lentil salad with boiled-smoked cattle tongue                                                1890 ,-
Game pasty with pistachio on mixed salad bed with stewed prunes                     2300 ,-

Guinea-fowl essence with milk loaf stuffed with meat                                               750 ,-
Fried paprika cream soup with sour cream mousse                                                 750 ,-
Csorba soup (traditional Transylvanian cabbage soup)                                           850 ,-
Classic goulash soup                                                                                               950 ,-

Main courses
Meat Lasagne with vegetables, pumpkin and cheese sauce                                 1800 ,-
Supreme chicken breast with fried salty beetroot and crispy vegetables              1900 ,-
Mediterranean pullet breast garnished with rice mixed with sun dried tomatoes  1900 ,-
Pork Wiener snietzel garnished with roasted potatoes and parsley                      2200 ,-
Eszterházy style rabbit leg braised in piquant brown sauce garnished                 2400 ,-
 with bread dumplings   
 Duck breast stuffed with cabbage pasta, with dish gravy                                     2500 ,-
Boar with red wine and forest mushroom, served on fried dough                          2700 ,-
Stewed and larded deer with junipery merlot-sauce and home-made croquette   3600 ,-
Home-made pasta with cream and chanterelle                                                     1500 ,-

Pumpkin cream soup with roasted pumpkin seeds                                                 690 ,-
Pork bites served with garlic flavoured pasta and dill-paprika sauce                    2100 ,-
Cottage cheese mousse on sponge-cake base, with dried apricot and honey sauce790 ,-

Lactose- and gluten free dishes
Gluten free pasta with sea food in white wine served with caper and tomato        1800 ,-
Salmon steak served with mixed salad in soy sauce and roasted seeds               1900 ,-
Cicken breast steak garnished with grilled vegetables with basil                           2900 ,-

Just To Grab A Bite
Fried steak potato with sour cream with chives                                                      590 ,-
Garlic flavoured roundel with onion and sour cream                                               590 ,-
Fried chicken wings
(Normal, BBQ, Hot) served with celery, carrot, blue-cheese sauce
Small portion                                                                                                       1090 ,-
Big portion                                                                                                           1990 ,-
Potato dumpling with sheep’s cottage cheese,                                                   1200 ,-
pork greaves, sour cream, baconchips
Bearded hake garnished with steak potato                                                        1800 ,-
Hamburger with coleslow salad and steak potato                                              1790 ,-

Hot Sandwiches, Cold Creams

With Courgette-cheese                                                                                        750 ,-
With Sausage                                                                                                       790 ,-
With Prague ham                                                                                                  850 ,-

Aubergine cream, Hungarian cheese spread,                                                    990 ,-
cheese cream trio with chives garden vegetables, roasted pita  slices  

Tuna cream with olive oil garnished with veggies and pita                                990 ,-

Home made donut with jam of your own choice of flavour (peach, blueberry)        590 ,-
Somlói mousse balls with rum-sour cherry ragout                                                   900 ,-
White chocolete souffle with hot chocolte sauce                                                     950 ,-

Our prices include VAT and they are all in Forint. If you would like to pay with euro, plase ask one of our waiters about the exchange price. We can’t give the change in euro. If you order half portion we charge 70% of the price.

II. Class
Manager:  László Turi
Chef: Vajna Tamás